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Quench your eye and the tongue by special cakes made by Olympic gold medalist Dimuthu 

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Custom Cakes


 Weather you are looking for a custom created one of a kind birthday cake  or you have a theme in mind that you would like us to match, you and  your guests are sure to be amazed by Chef Dimu's beautiful creations.  



 Choose a unique array of sweets, desserts, and snacks for your special  occasion. We can help you customize and set up at your event in buffet  style, or you can order and pick up a la cart style.  

Pastries & Desserts


Our elegant and colourful desserts are hand made with attention to intricate detail. For events/catering please visit our Events Gallery to view some of the beautiful dessert buffets we have put together.

Wedding Cakes


 Chef Dimu's wedding cakes are internationally famed for their  beauty, superior quality and uniqueness; his works are never repeated.  Imagine having your very own unique master peice displayed at your  wedding.... 

Truffles & Bonbons


 Chocolate Truffles are small chocolate  & cream based desserts. They are named for their resemblance to  mushroom-like fungi, truffles, that are considered delicacies in some  parts of the world.  

Wholesale Bakery


 Cakes to Dream On also serves retail stores, restaurants & cafes,  speciality food shops, upscale super markets, hotels and banquet halls  through our wholesale bakery. 

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